PlayerTrader is the premier performance-based, sports stock market where you can buy and sell fractions of professional athletes, as Player Digital Assets.

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PlayerTrader Market Launch

May 10th 2021

The PlayerTrader Market is where sports fans can utilize their deep knowledge of sports and invest real money into every active NBA player - we plan to add the capability to invest in active players from the NFL, NHL, and MLB soon.

Each player's price is driven based on a player’s statistical performance and the supply and demand of the free market. Player performance is determined by using a proprietary popular NBA value metric - the Player Efficiency Rating (PER) statistic - that uses 30 statistics to create a weighted average formula - and our player price.

Users can purchase Fractions of a Player Digital Asset titled with professional sports players' names. When you buy a Fraction you are buying a 1/5 fraction of this Player Digital Asset, as there are only 5 Fractions available for each. Thanks to their scarcity, each fraction of a Player Digital Asset holds intrinsic value. By offering Digital Assets and not “shares” we are immune to all dealings and rules enforced by any financial regulatory committee.

PlayerTrader has also provided a crash course on how to invest in our market, PlayerTrader University. We provided users with the ability to learn the market, with 6 courses, 18 interactive lessons, and a glossary so new users can be familiar with foreign terms.

Earning the trust of our users is our highest priority. We earn that trust through the best security in the business. Our digital assets are held safely in secured servers, backed by AWS, so bad actors can't access our valuable data. All transactions on the PlayerTrader Market are tracked on the PlayerTrader Quantum Ledger Database which is a Reliable, Immutable, and Incorruptible Record of all transactions that occur within the Market- this database is available to all users. PlayerTrader also provides world-class financial stability by maintaining full reserves, healthy banking relationships, with First Citizens Bank and Trust, and the highest standards of legal compliance.

PlayerTrader employs a free Fraction referral method that allows existing users to share their username to new users in which both users attain the same randomly selected NBA fraction. With proven success from the like of Robinhood, we concluded this would be the strongest and most efficient way to grow our user base.

After 11 months of development, we are so excited to finally present the PlayerTrader Market to the world. If you have any questions feel free to email us at or contact us on any social media.

You can access our landing page @

You can access the PlayerTrader Market @

Happy Trading!

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