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PlayerTrader is the premier performance-based, sports stock market where you can buy and sell shares of professional athletes, as if they were stocks.

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How To Play

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Buy Low, Sell High

Changes in Player's Share prices provide a valuable opportunity to profit from trading either long or short term. The concept is simple: buy low and sell high.

Players who beat projections raise in value
Invest in the value of a player
PlayerTrader's proprietary algorithm

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Anywhere, Anytime

The PlayerTrader Market is available on every internet connected device, allowing you to stay ahead of the game to make your next profitable trade.

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Market Features

Secure Payments
PlayerTrader Market is processed by Square and held by PlayerTrader, Inc.
Easy Navigation
PlayerTrader's unique and modern Market User Interface is fun and easy to use.
Weekly Competition
Each week the most profitable Trader from each region will receive a bonus stock package.
Live Scores
Live Scores from NBA and NFL.
24/7 Support
PlayerTrader Customer Support is available 24/7 for any questions or comments.
Frequent Updates
The PlayerTrader community is always growing and advancing, so we make sure we do the same.